Why Counselling Works

475628842Thoughts do not exist in isolation. They overlap, interlace, and trigger other thoughts. It can be difficult to focus on just one without many others elbowing their way into your consciousness.

Conversation helps us to be coherent, one thought and one question at a time.

If your thoughts are disturbed by depression, anxiety, relationship dysfunction, grief, or for reasons you simply don’t understand, counselling can tease out and deal with the thoughts that are causing you pain.

David Dick
Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) UNE
Graduate diploma in counselling for health and social care UNE

Narrative Therapy

Fitting a better narrative to our lives can change how we are perceived and therefore how we respond.
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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


CBT teases out faulty thinking that leads to faulty conclusions, which can lead to distorted
options and responses. Read More

About David

David is a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).
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